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Investigations and Reports

First step for starting your project is the geotechnical drilling. Every type of construction determines the number of boreholes and their depth. Based on the results of the geotechnical study, the new construction is designed accordingly and economically efficient.

Quality control for earthworks

We take analysis of soil samples at a specialized laboratory to determine the main mechanical characteristics. This is the most important thing in laying the foundation of your project.

Geotechnical Monitoring

Geotechnical monitoring is an important part of the project. Whenever a structure is planned, a proper surveying of the construction site as well as the nearby site needs to be carried out. We are with you throughout the project, to ensure that good implementation is made.

Geotechnical Design

Our geotechnical engineers perform geotechnical investigations to obtain information on the physical properties of soil and rock underlying, in order to design earthworks and foundations for proposed structures.

Geotechnical Geophysics

Geophysical methods provide us accurate data about the structure of the subsurface. We gather data about the soil along the earth’s surface as well as in boreholes and tunnels.

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