Terra Gage careers


We are always on the lookout for new team members with experience or desire to learn in any of the fields we operate on. Furthermore, we are currently working on organizing and authorizing our geotechnical laboratory, so we welcome people with expertise in the area. There is no ideal candidate, but we organized responsibilities on 3 categories which we think would make it easier to find your role.


  • plan and coordinate projects
  • delegate and manage resources
  • maintain client relations
  • ensure project quality
  • meet delivery deadlines


  • perform site inspections and reports
  • perform in situ investigations (e.g. manual drilling, dynamic probing etc.)
  • perform in situ tests (e.g. plate load test, compaction tests etc.)
  • perform laboratory tests


  • organize data
  • process results
  • draw conclusions
  • formulate written reports
  • software that we most commonly use: QGIS (to prepare maps), MS Office (to do simple data processing), LaTeX (to write beautiful reports), FEM solutions (if required)

The are no special prerequisites, but the most important requirements are:

1. positive attitude
2. willingness to learn
3. ability to learn
Give us a shout through our contact form if you want to get in touch! There’s no need to be formal, but it’s easier to organize applications this way.